Teeth Whitening

If you’re confident, you smile more. If you smile more, you feel more confident. But what if you don’t want to flash your smile because you’re embarrassed about teeth that are dingy and stained.  After years of consuming products such as coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and chocolate, your teeth’s white enamel surfaces may become discolored.  Regular brushing and periodic visits with the hygienist keep the teeth clean but they don’t remove those stains.  Using quality-controlled, professional products is an easy, safe way to get rid of discoloration and give your smile a brilliant boost.

Flower Dental is pleased to offer three options for teeth whitening:

In-Office Whitening Plus Take Home Trays:  In about an hour and a half, most patients can walk out with a dazzling new smile. Not only do we brighten your teeth during that visit, we also provide custom-made trays and professional gel for you to take with you.  That allows you to do occasional touch ups at home to keep your pearly whites looking great.  

Take-Home Custom-Trays:  A second option is to whiten your teeth at home using trays that fit your teeth like a comfortable glove and professional strength gel.  Most patients see results in one or two weeks.  We use the highest quality whitening formulas available for safety and consistency.

Opalesence Go:  For patient convenience, we also offer pre-made trays that are easy to grab and go.  These are a higher concentration than you can find on the shelf of your local drugstore.  

Whitening Considerations:  

  • Sensitivity management: You may experience temporary sensitivity in your teeth while whitening.  We have specific strategies for you to use and will customize the product and method to help you have a comfortable and safe whitening experience.

  • Controlled gel formulas:   Beware of temperature-sensitive gels stored in uncontrolled environments or made in an unknown setting.  We 

  • Long-term results:  Buying a box of whitening strips every few months adds up. A session with us in the office can provide an instant effect that may take days and multiple boxes of strips to obtain.  Alternatively, you’ll have a system that should fit for years if you leave with custom trays.  A simple refill syringe of gel picked up occasionally from our office allows you to keep your smile fresh for years to come.

  • Certain types of discoloration does not respond well to whitening efforts.  Your Flower Dental team will evaluate your suitability before you start any whitening procedure.  

  • Whitening is not advised for patients with active decay.  Although whitening gels are completely safe,  they should not be used until necessary treatment is completed.  

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