CEREC can create crowns in a short amount of time.

CEREC Tooth replacement in a single, convenient appointment.  

CEREC is the most advanced system available today for creating dental restorations in the office. In ONE convenient visit,  Dr Flower can take and use 3D digital images of your mouth to create a customized all-porcelain restoration that is durable and comfortable.  In about 90 minutes, you can leave with a replacement for a single crown, bridge or even a full denture!  

This innovative software allows Dr. Flower to get detailed, precise measurements of the dimensions of your mouth.  You can then watch the milling unit as it creates a porcelain restoration that is custom designed to ensure a successful fit.  Dr. Flower finishes by bonding the newly created tooth or teeth into place and you leave with a restoration that looks beautiful and functions just like nature intended.  All of this happens in the time you normally take for a long lunch!  

CEREC technology allows you to skip all the hassle your normally expect when getting a crown, bridge or denture with traditional methods at most offices:

  • NO messy impression of your tooth.

  • NO temporary crown or bridge.  NO risk of it falling off.  NO emergency visit to reseat it.

  • NO second visit to the office to remove the temporary and place the permanent restoration.

What does CEREC mean?

Chairside:  Amazing technology is within arm’s reach of the dental chair allowing Dr. Flower to work his magic without you leaving your comfortable position.

Economical   Efficient process allows you to turn two visits into one which means less travel, less time away from work and your family.

Restorations : A solution for.a broad range of needs including single crowns, onlay, bridges and full dentures.  

ESTHETIC:   No metal materials means Dr. Flower can vary the shade and color to allow a perfect blend with your teeth.  

CERAMIC:   High-strength, durable ceramic closely replicates the composition of your natural tooth assuring you of years of normal function. 

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