Composite Fillings

Many teeth develop cavities and small fractures that worsen over time if untreated.  To restore and save those teeth, Dr. Flower uses natural-colored composite material to fill the damaged areas.  The result is a cease in decay in a tooth that looks better than ever.  

To prepare for a filling, Dr. Flower begins by gently removing all of the soft, discolored decay.  He then creates a mixture of liquid resin and fine ground glass particles,that matches the shade of the tooth.  He molds the composite against the remaining tooth structure and applies a blue light applied directly to the composite to create a firm set within seconds.  He finishes by shaping and polishing the tooth to produce a high shine that reflects the beauty of natural enamel.  The resultant restoration is strong, smooth and invisible while it also stops the progression of the decay and destruction of healthy tooth material.  

In the past, restorations were made of metal that not only looked unsightly but also could place a strain on the remaining healthy tooth tissue. What’s more, composites can often be placed in thinner layers than metal, which allows the dentist to preserve more of the natural tooth.  

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