How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Texas?

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The majority of young adults and adults inevitably hit a point where they need to have their wisdom teeth removed for the future of their dental health. While this can seem like a troublesome process, it is actually fairly simple and offers a quick recovery time in most cases. If you are looking to have your wisdom teeth removed, you might be worried about the cost. Let’s talk through what you can expect when paying for this surgery.

Understanding Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our wisdom teeth are a wonderful addition to the human mouth, but at some point, we realize that they don’t truly make us better. In fact, with time, our wisdom teeth can impact and damage other parts of the mouth, leading to more expensive surgeries and corrections down the line. For most people, wisdom teeth can be just plain uncomfortable to keep. To assist with this, oral surgeons will remove them for your health.

Factors that Influence the Cost

Wisdom tooth removal is not as clear-cut as you might expect, which is why there are so many different prices that you might hear. In order to understand the cost of your surgery, there are a few things to consider.


Your age can play a big role in what your wisdom tooth removal costs—and how it goes. The majority of dentists and oral surgeons instruct patients to have them removed as soon as possible. If you are older, there is a risk that your wisdom teeth will have caused damage, or might require more to remove them. More intensive surgery and increased sedation can increase the cost of your surgery.

Your Teeth

Everyone has different teeth, which can change what needs to be done to remove them successfully. Your age isn’t the only factor that will influence what your dental team needs to do for your surgery. Sometimes your teeth can require more, which can also influence the price.


Insurance always plays a big role when it comes to final health costs. Depending on whether or not you have insurance—and what your insurance covers—you will find that you might spend quite a bit of money or not very much at all. Being aware of this in advance can help you to better understand what you will be expected to pay.

General Pricing Guideline

Wisdom tooth removal is charged by tooth, and the majority of services cost anywhere from $200 to $700 per tooth. However, the average person will want to remove all of their wisdom teeth at once. Considering the majority of us have four wisdom teeth, the price can range from $800 to $2800 before insurance. However, keep in mind that prices can vary based on other factors.

The Takeaway

Removing the wisdom teeth is an important process that can be beneficial for your overall oral health. While it can be intimidating to go in for surgery, you can rest easy knowing that this service is highly affordable—especially if you have dental insurance. Many offices even have specific discount programs, so don’t hesitate to ask before you pay!