Restorative Care


Do you avoid smiling in public?  Would you like a smile you are proud to show off?  If so, Flower Dental can help.  Using the best in modern dentistry, we offer a range of services to give you the beautiful smile you have dreamed of.  Our treatments can:

  • Brighten teeth that are stained or discolored

  • Fill gaps or reshape teeth

  • Correct overcrowding

  • Replace missing teeth

  • Replace old metallic fillings and crowns

Research confirms that smiles can have a significant impact on our relationships and our self-esteem.  When you’re confident, you smile more and when you smile more, you feel more confident. On the other hand, if you’re embarrassed about your teeth, it can negatively affect how you feel and act around others.  Dr. Flower has a passion for creating smiles that look naturally beautiful and that help you present your best face to the world.

Porcelain Crowns

Damaged teeth might seem hopeless, but there’s often still a solid foundation that leaves you with options. A crown, or cap, can bring a compromised tooth back to full function. And with modern porcelains, you'll probably have a difficult time trying to find where the crown ends and the tooth starts.

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Composite Fillings

Cavities, chips, and fractures occur on any tooth surface throughout the mouth. Composite filling material provides a versatile solution to many common problems. Blended into a prepared area, the composite polishes to a smooth, undetectable surface.

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Porcelain Onlays/Inlays

Teeth rarely fracture in a perfectly predictable way. Sometimes a break is too big for a filling, but not big enough for a crown. Porcelain onlays provide an excellent solution for teeth that need extra reinforcement without being covered entirely.  Bonded into a place, they provide years of natural feel, function, and esthetics.

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Root Canals

When a toothache strikes, a visit to the dentist can't come fast enough. Root canal treatment provides an option to eliminate pain and infection and save a seemingly hopeless tooth. Despite what you may hear, today's root canals can be done comfortably in a single visit using advanced techniques.

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Oral Surgery

Minor surgical procedures sometimes help treat problems in your mouth. Defects in the bone or compromised supporting gum tissue may sometimes undergo repair with precise surgical techniques. And quick biopsy techniques can help us learn what’s behind changes in the lining of your mouth.

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Bone Grafting

The bone around your teeth is highly specialized and doesn’t regenerate when it’s lost. Your teeth rely on this bony foundation to remain stable and functional, and even small defects can compromise your ability to maintain a tooth. Sometimes we can repair these defects by adding bone grafting materials.

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