Dental Implants

Chew & Smile Again with Dental Implants in Carrollton
There are many reasons why someone can lose a tooth and equally many reasons why it is important to replace a missing one.  Not only do you feel self-conscious about your smile, you can no longer eenjoy many favotite foods and you may struggle to be understood when you speak.  Long-term, you will lose bone density in your jaw which can weaken the stability of the surrounding teeth and even make you look older before your time.  With dental implants in Plano, though, you can avoid all of these unwanted problems.  
Implant-supported dentistry brings you as close to growing new teeth as possible.  Once it is expertly placed by Dr. Jordan, an implant becomes part of your jaw bone over time and functions as an artificial root.  Implants will:
  • Replace any number of teeth, allowing replacement of a single tooth or more with bridges and dentures
  • Keep your teeth securely in place, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing slippage
  • Allow you to chew naturally, so you can enjoy all of your favorite foods
  • Feel so comfortable and secure you may forget you even have implants
  • Prevent bone loss that can endanger the surrounding teeth and lead to fractures and further tooth loss
  • Last for many decades with proper care

Getting a Dental Implant is Easier than You Probably Imagined

Unlike some dental practices which send you to an oral surgeon for implant placement, Dr. Jordan is qualified to provide a full range of services required for tooth replacement whether for just one tooth or an entire mouth. Numerous components help Dr. Jordan deliver the best result when completing the final stage. But it’s the customization of your case from initial planning to final placement that makes all the difference.

Planning: Dr. Jordan uses the best technology available and his advanced skills to plan and execute the process of your restoration. Using digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, photographs and case guides, he identifies each step needed for your specific case.

Bone graft: If you are missing sufficient bone density in your jaw area, Dr. Jordan may recommend an oral surger procedure like a bone graft to strengthen your jaw. He can perform this procedure in our office. Normally, he allows three months for the area to heal completely and the bone to become sufficiently strong to receive an implant.

Implant placement: After using modern dental anesthetic to numb the site, Dr. Jordan’s experienced hands carefully place a tiny scre-like titanium “root” into your jaw to replace your missing tooth’s root. The sterile piece settles into a precise location, and a smooth cover protects the implant during the healing period. To allow you to smile confidently immediately, a temporary crown or bridge may be made at the time of surgery. Many patients require no more than local anesthesia for their dental implants procedure. However, if you’re nervous about treatment, you can also receive dental sedation. We offer three kinds: laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Feel free to discuss these options with Dr. Jordan. Most patients experience minimal discomfort after placement, especially compared to tooth removal procedures.

Three month healing period: Implants are unable to withstand normal bite forces until the bone has attached firmly to the delicate surface of the implant. Consequently, we allow three months after implant placement for the implant to become securely fused to your jaw.

Final restoration: When your jaw is ready, you will return to our office so we complete your chosen dental restorations to the implants. Dr. Jordan will create custom-made crowns or bridges and attach those to the implant with small screws. After this is completed, the restoration is so comfortable and secure you may forget which tooth or teeth have been restored.

Getting a Dental Implant is Easier than You Probably Imagined

Thanks to Dr. Jordan’s expertise, we offer many different procedures:
  • Single Implant Crowns – To replace a single tooth, we can attach one dental crown to one implant.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – It’s possible to replace several teeth by anchoring a dental bridge to implants.
  • Implant-Secured Dentures – You can choose from several kinds of dental implant dentures, all of which stay in place better than conventional dentures.
  • Mini Dental Implants – Smaller than standard implants, these are especially useful for stabilizing dentures.
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Cost of Dental Implants is One of Healthcare’s Greatest Values

Even with all the benefits, the cost of dental implant procedures is an important consideration. When your case brings together the latest imaging, advanced training, and unique material technologies, this service offers one of the best values in modern health care. Compared to the replacement of other hard structures and joints of the body, most services with dental implants can be done at a small fraction of those costs. Better yet, most patients carry on with normal activities right away and usually enjoy a lifetime of normal chewing, bite stability, and appearance. But we know the cost of dental implants is an important part of creating a complete plan that works for you.

The cost of dental implant services involves several critical factors unique to each patient. A fee quoted without careful evaluation doesn’t consider what’s best for your mouth. And comparisons may not account for the difference in the quality of materials used, along with the training of the doctor performing this highly technical service. Dr. Jordan customizes treatment planning after he’s spent time analyzing what would be best for each one.

One thing remains absolutely certain: You’ll get the highest value possible in modern implant dentistry. That means years of natural function and a smile that’s secure and makes you proud to show. We look forward to discussing how we can partner together for the best solution for you!

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