At Flower Dental in Carrollton, TX, you'll discover dental care at the highest level possible. Technology, advanced training, and compassionate service are blended perfectly together to provide an exceptional patient experience.  Our technology and procedures go far beyond what you expect or find in most dental offices.  

Dr. Flower carefully selects the best in up-to-date technology to allow him to obtain extensive details about the patient’s condition.  If treatment is needed, he can comfortably provide the least amount possible to ensure a successful result.  A winning formula, you'll find that contemporary dental care with Flower Dental leaves you smiling.


Remarkable technology allows you to get a beautiful, all-porcelain replacement tooth or teeth in one convenient visit!  Whether it’s a single crown, bridge or full denture, this advanced digital technology along with Dr. Flower’s blend of artistry and skill enables us to craft a restoration that will look and feel great for years to come!  

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Cone Beam/3D X-Ray

Advanced 3D imaging provides Dr. Flower with an unprecedented ability to obtain details about your teeth, face, jaw and neck from literally every angle, in 3D, and in color!  The complex structures of your jaw region can be difficult to decipher with normal  x-rays that produce a single flat image with limited information.

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Hard Tissue Laser

Laser energy used to treat tooth problems offers several advantages over the dental handpiece. While lasers can’t perform every task, many opportunities for pain-free treatment make lasers an integral part of modern dentistry.

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Digital X-ray

Digital films provide high quality detailed images that enhance diagnostic capability while their extremely low radiation exposure assures the ultimate in safety.   We offer the full spectrum of dental imaging, including a 3D Cone Beam (insert link to 3D Cone Beam) that provides an infinite number of views and details about your teeth, jaw, chin and upper throat.

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Some cavities are so small or well-hidden that they remain undetected during a visual examination even after X-rays are taken. That's why Dr. Flower uses Diagnodent to expose dental problems that are concealed below the surface of the tooth.  This laser-light technology is safe and painless.  

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Soft Tissue Laser

When the soft tissue lining your mouth needs small corrections, lasers provide a gentle solution.  Quiet but powerful light energy helps us solve numerous problems in a simple, quiet way.

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Ares Sleep Study

Ares was designed to be used from the comfort of home, in order to capture the most accurate information about a patient’s actual sleeping pattern. We can measure and record the patient’s sleep pattern when a patient’s upper airway closes during sleep while attempting to breathe.

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Intra-oral camera

A picture explains what words never can, especially when it comes to your teeth.  Miniature LED cameras bring the details of our mouths to life in full color.

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