What are the different fields of dentistry?


For most people, taking care of your teeth is an important part of your day. It is part of being healthy and staying healthy. However, there are many different types of dentists. You may need to visit one dentist versus another dentist, because of what is going on in your mouth.

There are many different types of dentists, but there are seven main types.

General Dentist

General Dentists are the people you go to when you need a biannual health cleaning and dental exam. Your general dentist can also refer you to other types of dentists when you need them to. This can help you to get specialized services and procedures that they’re not qualified to provide. General dentists are the most commonly found type of dentist.

Pedodontist or Pediatric Dentist

Specifically running practices for children, a pedodontist is also known as a pediatric dentist. They are similar to a general dentist but specifically specialize in dental care and treatments for children. Usually, after a child reaches 12, they will move to a regular dentist.


Orthodontists are dentists but specialize in teeth and jaw alignment. They often use wires, install braces, fit for retainers, and other devices.


Also known as gum specialists, Periodontists help treat and repair diseases and problems of the gums. Although a general dentist will support gum disease prevention, a periodontist will provide treatment for any tissue that is damaged by progressive gum disease.


When it comes to special needs regarding teeth nerves, an endodontist will handle this specifically. They usually perform root canals, when they are necessary due to decay around a tooth’s nerve. Sometimes, a general dentist is able to perform this on their own.

Oral Pathologist or Oral Surgeon

Oral pathologists and oral surgeons specialize in treating oral diseases of the teeth and jaw. They often perform surgery, and sometimes work with ear, nose, and throat specialists (ENTs).


Prosthodontists repair teeth and jawbones. They also often provide cosmetic fixes to change the appearance of teeth. This includes whitening and veneers, dentures, crowns, and bridges.

How to know the type of dentistry you need

Usually, your general dentist or physician will refer you for any type of dentistry you need, that they cannot provide themselves. However, it is important to see your dentist at least once per year, if not twice. This can help you to avoid any potential problems before they occur.

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