What Are the Most Common Procedures Done By a General Dentist?

Common Procedures

Most people visit the dentist at least twice a year for general maintenance, and there are times when a trip to the dentist is more of a necessity than a standard visit. A general dentist will always offer a few basic procedures that are aimed at maintaining and improving your oral health. In this article, we will explore these procedures and what they mean for you.

Dental Procedures That Are Considered Common

There are several common reasons that a person might visit a dentist. Most people visit for regular check-ups, but some people schedule an appointment to address a new pain or concern. Visiting the dentist can offer the following common procedures.

Standard Cleanings

Though most of us brush our teeth once or twice a day, there is no real substitute for a true dental cleaning. When your local dental staff cleans your teeth, you can expect to leave feeling like your teeth are well and truly polished—because they are. These cleanings allow you to service those hard-to-reach places and can remove some of those unbecoming stains as well.


A standard dental appointment often includes time spent getting x-rays, and while it might be uncomfortable sometimes, it is very important for keeping an eye on your oral health. X-rays can highlight cavities, show problem areas, and even point out problems and diseases that might be impacting your teeth or jaw. These x-rays are a wonderful way to look at the overall health of your mouth, allowing your dentist to provide treatments when necessary.

Cavity Treatments

Cavities can start as a small problem and turn into a much bigger problem if left untreated, which is why every dental visit includes looking for cavities in your teeth. Dentists will often rely on x-rays and other techniques to determine if you have any cavities. If you do, chances are that your local dentist can easily treat them with fillings or other treatments.

Teeth Whitening

White teeth can make a smile shine, and dentists have realized that the appeal is there. It is natural for our teeth to get less white as we age, when we drink coffee, and as a byproduct of other everyday parts of human life. Teeth whitening can help you to keep your smile looking great.

The Takeaway

A quick online search for a “dentist near me” will reveal several talented dentists in your area, and this is important information to have. Regular visits to the dentist can have several long-term impacts on your oral hygiene, your oral health, and your overall body health too. Our teeth tell a story, and keeping your mouth healthy is crucial for staying healthy as you age. To schedule an appointment and learn more about your oral health, feel free to contact us directly to get started.