What Is a Take Home Sleep Study?

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Sleep is essential to your wellbeing, and most people need to get seven to eight hours of it every night. Not getting enough rest can weaken your immune system, have a negative effect on your focus and memory, and make you more prone to mood swings. Chronic lack of sleep can even increase your risk of more fatal conditions, such as heart attack and stroke, says Cleveland Clinic.

Various factors can lead to sleep deprivation. For some people, high stress or caffeine addiction are the root causes. However, for others, the problem has a more physical component: an obstructed airway. If you think obstructive sleep apnea is behind your sleeping problems, a take home sleep study can help. 

How a Sleep Study Works

So, how exactly does a take home sleep study work? At Flower Dental, we rely on the ARES home sleep testing device to evaluate patients’ sleeping habits.

You can wear the device at home by positioning it across the forehead. It’s designed to be comfortable and lightweight, so it won’t interfere with your sleep no matter your usual sleeping position. You also won’t need to worry about any wires while wearing this FDA-approved device.

Once you have it on, ARES collects data about your sleep patterns, which we can later upload to our system and use to analyze your nocturnal breathing habits. The device stores three nights’ worth of data.

Because the ARES can play an essential role in helping us improve our patients’ health, it’s often covered by many of the major insurance companies.

Signs You Should Consider a Sleep Study

Who should consider participating in a sleep study? If your snoring is loud and persistent, a sleep study could help determine the cause and severity of your obstructed airway. Here are a few other symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, according to the Mayo Clinic:

●        Sleepiness during daylight hours

●        Sleep interrupted by episodes of gasping for air

●        Recurring morning headaches

●        Difficulty concentrating

●        Sweating at night

●        High blood pressure

●        Mood swings, including irritability

●        Dry mouth when you wake up

If you regularly experience these kinds of symptoms, consult the professionals at Flower Dental. In addition to a take home sleep study, we offer solutions that might help resolve the underlying condition.


One solution we offer is the Vivos System. This is a removable appliance that you can wear at night to improve your breathing patterns. Unlike night guards and other devices for snoring, the Vivos actually remedies the problem, rather than just providing temporary relief from the symptoms.

Typically, in the span of nine to 18 months, Vivos will stimulate bone growth in the face, increasing airway capacity and making it easier for you to get a good night’s rest. After the appliance has done its job, the treatment ends, and you won’t need to continue wearing the appliance to bed. Overall, it’s a non-surgical approach to correcting obstructive sleep apnea as well as TMJ pain and other oral health problems.