Dental Sealants Carrollton

Protect Your Teeth From Decay

Illustrated row of teeth with dental sealants in Carrollton

Research confirms that when molar teeth are sealed, they are 90% less likely to develop cavities on the chewing surfaces. That’s great news for parents and kids! What’s more, when children enter adulthood with few or no restored teeth, they are much less likely to have serious dental problems in the future. Protecting your or your child’s teeth with dental sealants in Carrollton is a gift that can last a lifetime.

Do I Need Dental Sealants?

Dental mirror in mouth reflecting white teeth

The molar teeth in the back of the mouth have deep grooves that enable us to chew food. A toothbrush can skim across these surfaces, but it is often difficult to clean thoroughly inside the narrow grooves. Bacteria often accumulate in those areas resulting in the formation of cavities that destroy valuable tooth structure permanently and without warning.

To protect those chewing surfaces of molars, our hygienist begins by gently cleaning the grooves then applying a resin bonding that surrounds the tooth and fills the grooves. This is sealed with a blue activating light in a comfortable procedure that takes only a few minutes. This protective measure against cavities may need to be repaired or replaced periodically.

Remember that dental sealants are possible only on teeth that have no decay. So, we advise parents to consider this valuable tooth-saving procedure as soon as their child’s permanent molars emerge.