Laser Cavity Detection Carrollton

Stop Cavities Early on with Laser Cavity Detection

Some cavities are so small or well-hidden that they cannot be detected during a visual examination even after X-rays are taken. That’s why Dr. Jordan has added the Diagnodent to the state-of-the-art diagnostic technology in his dental practice. Keep reading to learn more about our laser cavity detection system in Carrollton.

Man sitting in dental chair after receiving laser cavity detection in Carrollton

How Laser Cavity Detection Works

Extreme close up of a tooth
  • During an examination, Dr. Jordan scans a safe, painless light over his patients’ teeth.
  • If any cavities are present, they will emit a different wavelength of light, alerting Dr. Jordan to decay that is concealed below the surface of the tooth.

Depending on the size of the cavity and other factors, he may recommend cleaning, sealing or filling the area before the decay causes further permanent damage to the tooth. What’s more, when the area of decay is still small, Dr. Jordan can use his hard tissue laser to provide fillings that require no shots! That’s a great reason to detect and treat any decayed areas at their earliest stages.

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